Top Gear in Burma Christmas Special

It is rumoured hat Top Gear will air The Burma Special this Christmas for the BBC motoring show Top Gear. The official name of the special is not yet confirmed. The presenters of the show began filming the special on the 20th of October 2013. The special will air as part, or prior to, Top Gear’s twenty first series, due to air in 2014. Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that filming of the special had commenced on the 20th of October, 2013. Ian May, a cameraman for the show, also confirmed the special but did not reveal the location that they were travelling to. Jeremy tweeted “Well this is it. We are off to make the Top Gear Special. And I have a bad feeling about this mission.” The exact premise and challenge behind the special is unknown however, when the crew stopped off in a small village in Burma, Richard Hammond was seen driving a large campervan-esque vehicle. It will be the second Top Gear special to air in 2013, the other being the Africa Special that aired as part of the show’s nineteenth series.

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